As Managing Partner of Mekan Grup, Our esteemed elder from our company partners İ. Tunga Ertekin, who is coming forward with his investigative personality, is following innovations constantly to improve his Natural Stone Business experience based on many years, incorporating current materials into his work, ensuring the continuity by opening new job sites and having a vision by making them together in single system, taking place in our group and guiding us with his wide experience.



As Executive Advisor of Mekan Grup, Mehmet oversees operation and growth of the company. He and his talented team plan, execute and monitor all projects by creating Integrated Project Delivery best practices. He’s always desired to become much more than just being another contractor. He wants to be a trail blazer. A game changer.

Mekan Grup, wants to disrupt the way things have always been done, by thinking differently, challenging the norm, and unceasingly inventing. And we do it by channeling the power of our high-performing people, innovative culture, and spiritof community.


As Managing Partner of Mekan Grup, Cenap has B.Sc. degree from Civil Engineering faculty of YTU, 2013. Over the years he hold different positions at leading construction companies on infrastructure, industrial and residential projects.

He strives for excellence and is an expert in making the best use of resources, budget and manpower to meet the goal of the project. His aim is to harmonize traditional methodologies and innovations on the construction field with his extensive knowledge of engineering principles, theories, specifications and standards.