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Mekan Grup


At Mekan Grup Company we are fully committed to sustainable growth, and having worked exceptionally hard over the last few years we have now established a solid reputation as one of the most innovative, professional and reliable construction companies in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

About Us

Mekan Group was established in 2013 by three brothers from the Aydemir family to carry out local construction activities in Georgia.

In 2019, Azerbaijan and Turkey offices became operational. Since its establishment, it has successfully completed many construction projects.

In 2022, expert Civil Engineer Mehmet Eğilmezer, MBA, PMP, PCC, CSI, PAL-I and İbrahim Tunga Ertekin with the participation of in the partnership, it has reached a stronger and more dynamic structure, which is known in the international arena with its experienced technical and administrative staff.


Mekan Grup; to design reliable, transparent, innovative, high-quality and cost-effective construction projects that are determined to complete every project they start, to decide, build and complete by processing information; While complying with the work program agreed with our customers and realizing all these, while helping the career development of its employees, Mekan Grup is respectful and sensitive to the history, traditions, customs and laws of the countries in which it operates, and to nature for a sustainable future.

In order to be competitive, to manage risks better, to offer its products and services in the promised quality, on time and within the foreseen budget; It constantly invests in human resources, information and technology, and new management systems, and bases its development on this method.

Every commitment we make to our customers is the first step we take towards satisfying them. Delivering the requested work within the framework of the requested time and standards is one of the basic building blocks of our understanding of satisfaction.


With the principle of quality and trust, Mekan Grup aims to be among the leading companies of the sector in the world with this principle.