Экологическая политика

Mekan Group pays high regard to its responsibilities towards the society, the environment and employees, through the perspective of sustainability in line with global objectives and pursues the goal of continuous improvement while fulfilling these responsibilities. In this context;

  • Creating a positive impact for the society and the world with a holistic sustainability approach in the entire areas of operation and literally everywhere in where endeavors are performed with the awareness of environmental and societal responsibilities through the strategic aspect.
  • The entire endeavors performed towards the preservation of environment while fulfilling the legal obligations everywhere and in the entire areas of operation are considered as an indicator of respect demonstrated for the society beyond the legal requirements.
  • The employees, acting with the awareness that preservation of the environment is a mutual responsibility of humanity, contribute for the establishment and raising of environmental awareness and conscious of the society and stakeholders.
  • Within the scope of prevention of pollution and preservation of the environment, reducing climate change, protecting biological diversity and ecosystems, actions are taken to encourage and promote the use of sufficient, efficient and sustainable resources aiming to protect the resources required during activities and operations.
  • Activities and operations are planned and maintained by adopting the principle of “zero waste” and the approach towards prevention of waste generation and subsequently reducing, reuse, recycle, recovery and disposal of the wastes.
  • Endeavors are performed and executed for reducing and diminishing the carbon emissions.
  • Actions are taken for the preservation of natural water resources, reducing the water consumption, water recycling and reuse within the scope of water management for a better world for the next generations and reducing the energy consumption, increasing the energy efficiency and promoting and encouraging the use of renewable energy resources to the possible extent within the scope of the energy management.