Политика качества

MEKAN Grup aims to maintain it’s leadership position in Azerbaijan in all regions we perform and serve through our Subsidiaries and Affilates and to be ranked among the “ Top Construction Companies in the World “ . We are full committed to demostrate our best performance in all areas we operate anywhere , anytime and under any circumstances whatsoever , and complete all projects at the same top quality.

MEKAN is commited to add value to our society. Environment and economy , increase operational efficiency , ensure customer satisfaction by establishing , implementing and maintaining an efficient and effective quality management system.

MEKAN aims to create a difference in all its projects and always complete all Works with “Outright Zero Error”. We perform all our activities and services by complying with local & international legislations and applying MEKAN’squality principles and standards for conducting business in an etnical manner.

MEKAN believes that quality is the keystone to ensure sustainable growth and greater success. To achieve perfection , we adopt lean operation and innovative techniques.

Our Guiding Principles :

  • We believe in exceeding client satsifaction. We understand the requests and expectations of our customers and we build long – term relationships based on trust.
  • Our leadership understanding ensures our unity and solidarity.We record our acquisitions from our experiences as “ Best Practices and Lessons Learned “ and establish our corporate memory. We transfer this know -how onto all our work and use it as an instrument in advancing both our company and our employees to perfection.
  • Our human resourses strategy is to hire the most competent persons and to provide training throuught their employment. Sustainable Quality Culture can be achived by the quality of our employees and their involment and support to our quality system. Our innovative approach consists of acquiring knowdledge through continious learning and sharing the lessons learned.
  • We check the quality performance of our business partners,subcontractors and supplies to make their quality performence consistent with our goals.
  • Our Process maangement system and strategic and strategic steps are essential to manage all our activities. We set priorities for each project,share them with related departments follow the processes and use the data to achieve the perfect operation management system .
  • We plan our business and do not allow the fornation af any cost and time pressure on quality.
  • We prevent any event that may hinder us from achieving our strategic and operational objectives by identifying the potential risks and opportunities.
  • We evaluate changes together with all their impacts and re -plan our business.
  • We protect and add value to the MEKAN assets.
  • We create methods to ensure the effciency and sustainability of our system by means of our continious improvement and development culture.

MEKAN Management is committed to provide all necessary resourses for our employees to follow and apply our strict quality princples at the highest level of operational efficency with a sstainable quality culture understanding . We will implement continually monitor and improve our Quality System in all activities and ensure that they are in line with this policy. In order to carry our quality princples to the future.