Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Mekan Group minimizes all sorts of losses that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment with the awareness that the most important corporate asset is human resources and therefore, considers continuous improvement as the primary goal of the organization while fulfilling the responsibilities towards society, the environment and employees. In this context;

  • National and international regulations and legislations are complied with in the entire areas of operation and the endeavors performed in line with this are considered as an indicator of respect demonstrated for the society and employees beyond the legal requirements.
  • Safe and healthy working conditions are ensured for the prevention of occupational injuries and deterioration of health.
  • By adopting the goal of “zero occupational accident” and “zero occupational disease”, hazards, actions and activities are performed and executed to ensure the elimination and diminishing the unsafe conditions and actions that may lead to occupational accidents and diseases and potential accident risks by identifying in advance by detailed risk assessments and root-cause analyses to ensure the health, safety and social welfare of employees, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors at all levels.
  • While establishing and adopting the awareness and conscious that the entire activities and operations related to the occupational health and safety are mutual responsibilities of the entire employees, the consultancy and participation of the entire employees are ensured accordingly.
  • The employees are trained towards the occupational health and safety to ensure the establishment and to raise occupational health and safety awareness and it is further ensured that the subcontractors, suppliers and visitors comply with and abide by the rules imposed related to the occupational health and safety.
  • The quality and satisfaction of the employees are maintained at optimal levels by continuously investing in the employees.